Brand Story

Hello my name is Nadiya. I spent all of my teens covered in pimples and used harsh dermatologist recommended solutions which dried and stripped my skin. I felt powerless and overwhelmed by the commercialized skincare industry.

Later in life as full time working mom of two small children, I still would only dream of having time to navigate the complexities of the skin care industry to find products worthy of my hard-earned money. Multi-step skincare routines were out of the question and pampering my skin with “extras” was at the end of a long to-do list.

I began to think about the idea of this commercialized and frankly, complicated "skin care routine" and wondered why luxury skincare could not be fast and simple. I also questioned who decided, and got everyone to agree, that a product could only be for a man, a woman or a teen. Why can't we shop once for all?

As an executive at a large pharmaceutical, I found many parallels in skincare manufacturing and realized that I had what it takes to fix this tremendous gap in skincare industry. Here it is... the dream has become reality. Split Second Beauty is the vision of modern, clean skincare with no guesswork. Each product is packed with unique high quality ingredients that provide numerous capabilities, eliminating the need for dedicated skincare time and multi-step routines.

I understand the dynamic lifestyle of my customers all of the hats they wear in the life they lead. My commitment is to provide an affordable, luxurious, high-performing self-care experience that is simple and easy to maintain - for all. My company sees no age, race or gender. My brand is clean, cruelty free and Made in the Beautiful USA.

P.S. After all these years, my skin is finally flawless even though I still do not have time to dedicate to a complicated skincare routine. :)


Split Second Beauty is a Woman Owned - Small Business.