Our Differentiators

Goodbye complicated skin care routine!  We understand your dynamic lifestyle and all the hats you wear in the life you lead.  Now you can Get Ready in a Split Second! We take out the guesswork out of skincare. Our innovative products are packed with capabilities, eliminating the need for a multi-step skincare routine. 


Our Differentiators:

  • No matter how busy you are, you can achieve flawless skin! Each one of our products is a powerhouse packed with capabilities, taking little to no time at all in your existing schedule.
  • We use clean, vegan friendly ingredients.
  • Luxury skincare is now accessible to all with our unique, high-quality ingredients.
  • Our innovative products are long-lasting. A small amount of product goes a long way on your skin - and your wallet. We don’t skimp - you won’t have to worry about replacing those empties for a few months!
  • Our products are made for all skin types. Many of our customers with a history of problem skin swear by our formulas!
  • We pride ourselves on inclusivity and sustainability. From packaging to formulation, our products see no age, race or gender. Shop once for all!
  • Split Second Beauty is proud to be Made in the Beautiful USA.
  • We are proud to be Cruelty Free.